France v England Amateurs 1-4 (International: February 27, 1913)

February 27, 1913
International, friendly, at Stade du Matin (Colombes).
France – England Amateurs 1-4 (0-2).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. Maurice Goossens (Belgium).
France (2-3-5): Pierre Chayriguès (Red Star), Fernand Massip (Red Star), Lucien Gamblin (Red Star), Maurice Bigué (C.A. Paris), Jean Ducret (Captain, Étoile des Deux Lacs), Gaston Barreau (F.E.C. Levallois), Henri Lesur (U.S. Tourcoing), André Poullain (Club des Sports Athlétiques), Henri Bard (Racing C.F.), Ernest Guéguen (U.S. Servannaise), Raymond Dubly (R.C. Roubaix).
England Amateurs (2-3-5): Horace Bailey (Birmingham), Fred Ansell (Oxford City), Arthur Knight (Portsmouth), Albert Barclay (Brentford), James George William Harrold (Custom House London), Joe Dines (Ilford), Arthur Berry (Oxford City), Samuel Sanders (Nunhead), George Gemmel (Ilford), Gordon Hoare (Glossop), Robert Henry Callender (Stockton).
The goals: 0-1 Berry (16 min.), 0-2 Hoare (40 min.), 0-3 Hoare (54 min.), 0-4 Berry (64 min.), 1-4 Poullain (75 min.).


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