Ex-Liverpool player coaching in Bilbao

March 1, 1913
At the weekly meeting of the Exeter City Football Supporters’ Club, presided over by Mr. H. Ford, it was reported that the amount received for the penny watch scheme to provide £100 for the summer wages fund was just over £50 up to the present. Mr. Hartnell, of the Alexandra Hotel, Broadclyst, wrote nominating three new members, and also stating that he was disposing of his fifth book of penny tickets.

Mr. G. Rice said that Mr. J. Holland, of the Franklin Picture Palace, Fore Street, Exeter, had kindly offered to give the whole of the evening takings on next Friday week, March 14th to the Supporters Club. No tickets would be sold, but members were asked to do their best to ensure a crowded house.

It was reported that the membership of the Supporters Club was 667, and that there were a balance of £82 15s. 3d. in the bank.

A letter was read from Mr. S. Ellis, of London, stating that at the meeting of Supporters Clubs to form a Federation on a Committee was appointed to draw up details and submit to a further meeting on March 5th. He was appointed to represent Exeter City, and the meeting of members gave him full power to act.

It was reported that Mr. Smale, of Okehampton, had arranged for a football match between Okehampton and the City Police, to be played on March 19th, in aid of the wages fund, and it was resolved to issue tickets for sale for the match.

It was mentioned that Andy McGuigan an ex-Exter player, had been appointed coach to a flourishing Club at Bilbao, in Spain.
(Exeter and Plymouth Gazette: March 1, 1913)

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