The death of Robert Neill

March 2, 1913
By the death of that once popular player, Robert Neill, at his residence in Govan, a link that binds the present Rangers to the past has been severed.

Beginning his career with the Ashfield, a champion junior team, and record winners of the Glasgow Junior Cup, he then migrated to the Edinburgh Hibs. Then he crossed the Border and joined Liverpool F.C. A Govan lad, he had liking for the “Light Blues,” and he accepted an invitation to join their ranks.

He played centre-half, and has as partners Neil Gibson and John Tait Robertson, a trio of tacklers and placers unsurpassed in their day.

This was the line which helped to win for Rangers the three great Scottish Cups in season 1896-7. This was the line, too, which assisted to inflict that record defeat upon the English Leaguers at Ibrox in 1901, when no fewer than seven Rangers were in the Scottish eleven. These were: – Nicol Smith, Jock Drummond, Neil Gibson, Robert Neill, John Tait Robertson, Robert Hamilton, and Alex Smith.

Worthy of premier honours, he did not receive these, but he played for Scotland v. Wales in 1896 and 1900, and against the English League in 1901.

Personally, he had a most winsome manner, and he was a prime public favourite. He was beloved by his clubmates, and admired by his opponents for the beauty and fairness of his play. He had died in the prime of his life, and a wide circle of friends mourn the loss of a manly personality, and join in sympathy with his widow and family in their bereavement.
(Source: Dundee Courier: March 4, 1913)

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