Luckless Liverpool

March 3, 1913
Liverpool did not enjoy the best of fortune at Newcastle-on-Tyne, as they were vanquished by a penalty goal, kicked by Frank Hudspeth – a costly anti-climax for the Lancastrians, remembering that they failed to make the proper use of a similar advantage at Anfield the previous Saturday.

Newcastle United gave a feeble exhibition, especially near goal, for a team of their class and calibre, and if Liverpool were even worse there was legitimate excuse for them. Robert Crawford, the left back of Liverpool, was injured in a charge by Albert Shepherd, as his ribs were bruised. Crawford went to outside left, and Donald Mackinlay, the outside left, to full back. As Arthur Goddard, the outside right, was not physically fit to play, the attack of Liverpool was virtually reduced to the three inside forwards, with Tom Miller and William Lacey alternately acting as the centre.

The wonder is – not that Liverpool were beaten, but that they were defeated by the smallest possible margin. There were 39,769 spectators, and the gate was £1,474. Thus the way was cleared for the fourth round.
(Source: Athletic News: March 3, 1913)

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