England v Wales 4-3 (International: March 17, 1913)

March 17, 1913
International, British Championship, at Ashton Gate (Bristol).
England – Wales 4-3 (3-1).
Attendance: 8,000.
Referee: Mr. Alex Jackson (Scotland).
England (2-3-5): Ernie Scattergood (Derby County), Bob Crompton (Captain, Blackburn Rovers), Jesse Pennington (West Bromwich), Hugh Moffatt (Oldham Athletic), Joe McCall (Preston North End), Billy Bradshaw (Blackburn Rovers), Charles Wallace (Aston Villa), Harold Fleming (Swindon Town), Harry Hampton (Aston Villa), Eddie Latheron (Blackburn Rovers), Joe Hodkinson (Blackburn Rovers).
Wales (2-3-5): William Bailiff (Llanelli), Tom Hewitt (Chelsea), Lloyd Davies (Northampton Town), Edwin Hughes (Wrexham), Ernest Peake (Liverpool), Joseph Jones (Stoke), Billy Meredith (Manchester United), George Wynn (Manchester City), Walter Davis (Millwall), William Jones (Manchester City), Llewelyn Davies (Captain, Wrexham).
The goals: 0-1 W. Davies (10 min.), 1-1 Fleming (27 min.), 2-1 Latheron (30 min.), 3-1 McCall (35 min.), 3-2 Meredith (52 min.), 4-2 Hampton (55 min.), 4-3 Peake (70 min.).

William Bailiff, Llanelli (Athletic News: March 3, 1913):


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