Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves

April 17, 1913
The return engagement between the Reserves of Liverpool and Everton was decided at Anfield last evening, and resulted in a verdict for the Reds by two goals to one. The result was a fair reflex on the run of the play, which, however, never approached a high standard. Liverpool were certainly the more dangerous side, and William Bromilow had much work to do than Elisha Scott.

John Bovill early on missed an opportunity of giving his side the lead from a lovely centre by Harry Hall, while later Ernie Gault was afforded a similar chance at the other end, but he allowed Alan Grenyer to nip and clear. The only goal scored in the first half was the result of a brilliant centre by Hugh Lester, which Bromilow fisted away, and Hall gaining possession, gave to Jimmy Stewart, who netted with a terrific shot.

Everton later had occasional spells of attack, but the homesters maintained the lead to the interval. On resuming some improvement was shown in the Everton front rank, Scott having to save his charge on more than one occasion. It was following clever intervention on the part of Kirby that the Blues might have levelled the score, both Tom Fleetwood and James Brannick being left with a good chance close in, as a result of a capital centre from Sam Chedgzoy, but Sam Speakman flung himself in the way of Brannick’s shot, and the ball travelled outside.

The equaliser, however, came immediately afterwards, Brannick making amends by kicking the ball out of Scott’s hands into the net, after the keeper had cleverly saved from Fleetwood. Nearing the finish Henry Welfare went through on his own, and though Bob Simpson checked him, the ball went to Lester, who put Liverpool ahead with the best shot of the match.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: April 17, 1913)


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