Northwich and District v Liverpool 1-5 (Benefit match: April 24, 1913)

April 24, 1913
Match: Benefit for the Northwich Hospital Saturday Funds, at Northwich
Northwich and District – Liverpool 1-5 (0-2).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Tom Gracie, Arthur Metcalf, Tom Miller, Arthur Goddard, William Lacey, +5
The goals: 0-1 Metcalf, 0-2 Miller, 0-3 Goddard (60 min.), 0-4 Metcalf, 0-5 Lacey, 1-5 Fitzsimmons.

The Liverpool team, after inspecting the Marston salt mine last evening, encountered a team representing Northwich and district, in aid of the Northwich Hospital Saturday Funds. Campbell was tested by Fitzsimmons, and Gracie mulled a grand opening for Liverpool. Metcalf opened Liverpool’s score, Miller adding a second. Half time: Liverpool 2, Northwich and District nil. Resuming, the Liverpool defence frustrated spasmodic attacks, and after fifteen minutes Goddard increased the lead. Metcalf added a fourth from Lacey’s centre, and Fitzsimmons next tested Campbell. Lacey registered a fifth, and after thirty minutes Fitzsimmons opened the Northwich score. Result: Liverpool 5, Nortwich 1.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 25, 1913)

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