Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1912-13

May 12, 1913
As we stated in reviewing the season a fortnight ago the Liverpool club have by the issue of their balance sheet, shown that they have had the most successful year since they started their career. Their income from all sources realised £18,486 13s. 11d. which is reduced to £16,419 18s. 6d. by moneys paid over to visiting teams and percentage of Cup/tie requirements.

On the expenditure side of the accounts player wages amount to £5,106 10s, travelling expenses £94 10s. 4d., gate expenses £510 19s. 1d, rates, taxes, mortgage £633 5s. 11d., mortgage and other interest £1,027 12s. 9d., making with other details a total of £10,676 3s.

There is thus a profit on the season’s working of £5,875 1s. 6d., which represents a really remarkable state of affairs.

The annual meeting will be held on Friday, the 23rd inst. at the Law Association Rooms, Cooke-street.

A dividend of 5 per cent is recommended by the directors, the retiring trio being Messrs. Tom Crompton, John James Ramsay, and William Robert Roberts, who offer themselves for re-election. Mr. Edward Askew Bainbridge has been nominated for a position on the board.

There is a notice of motion from Mr. S. Thomas to the effect, “That if be a new rule of the company that half-yearly meetings of the shareholders be held.”

Liverpool have every reason to be satisfied with their results of the past season.
(The Athletic News: May 12, 1913)