Late winner for Liverpool Reserves

September 20, 1913
Liverpool Reserves: Elisha Scott, Frank Grayer, Ephraim Longworth, James Scott, Ralph Holden, Walter Wadsworth, Fred Staniforth, Arthur Metcalf, John Bovill, Andy McGuffie, Donald Mackinlay.
Stalybridge Celtic: James Mather, Walter Barton, Moses Peters, Fred Wilkinson, Joe McGhie, Harry Lockett, Walter Freeman, E. Jones, Fred Mosley, Samuel Cail, William Grumbridge.

Stalybridge commenced in sprightly fashion, going down on the right and claiming a corner. Mackinlay replied with a lively sprint, and the ball was crossed to Staniforth, whose final effort gained a corner for Liverpool.

Then Grumbridge beat his opponents, and centred smartly, but he inside men found Scott in form. Staniforth was again to the fore with a good centre, Bovill following with a somewhat poor attempt, and then Wadsworth was very severe on the Celtic goalkeeper, who saved his charge at the expense of a corner.

Liverpool dominated the game for a time, but on the majority of occasions when they got in front of goal there was a certain hesitancy which proved fatal to their efforts. Grumbridge made several smart runs down the wing, and his centres were pretty accurate, but the shoot powers of the Stalybridge men left much to be desired.

Staniforth got possession and centred, Metcalf having hard lines in not scoring, while Bovill wakened up the goalkeeper with a quick return, and Metcalf struck one of the uprights. At the other end Cail tried his hand, but shot behind.

Half-time: Liverpool Reserves, nil, Stalybridge, nil.

After fairly even exchanges the Celtic proved aggressive, a dashing move by Freeman compelling Scott to come out and clear. Grayer kicked strongly, and stemmed off further advances, following which the Liverpool right wing bustled the opposing defence about, but failed to get near the desired spot.

However, better results came from a further rush from the same quarter, Metcalf nipping in at the finish and scoring easily, the goalkeeper hesitating and being beaten.
(Source: Liverpool Football Echo: September 20, 1913)


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