The welfare of Welfare

Saturday, September 20 – 1913
Harry Welfare, who left Liverpool F.C. when  the club most desired his services, and just when he was framing like becoming a tip top centre forward, has been playing football at Rio de Janeiro, and has been carried shoulder high. He has written to a friend concerning his games, and it is plain that Welfare has made an impression among his new followers, who “think him a nut” – and no wonder.

Here are extracts from the letter:

“The Corinthians played three matches at Rio – one against Brazil, one against the pick of the Rio League, and one against the Englishmen out here. I played the last two, and they think I am a nut out here.

“The first one I played in was on Thursday for the Pick of the League and the Corinthians (here billed as the finest amateur side in England), were defeated 2-1. I managed to score the winning goal five minutes before the finish.

“The spectators went crazy – they are worse than English spectators. At the end of the match they rushed the field and carried me shoulder high off the field, and shouted their song for half an hour afterwards.

“I played again on the Saturday for the English, and we were defeated 4-0. There was no demonstration.

“In the first match there only two other Englishmen besides me; the rest were Brazilians.”
(Liverpool Echo, 20-09-1913)

Henry Welfare
Harry Welfare

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