Editor’s note book: Liverpool F.C. (October 4, 1913)

October 4, 1913
At Anfield the same number of goals – six – have been scored as at Goodison Park, but in the debit column the Reds record is represented by eleven. This would seem to denote feeble attack and defence, but we are of the opinion that the unsatisfactory performances of the half-back division are responsible for this state of affairs.

Thomas Fairfoull has exhibited signs of improvement recently, but there was ample scope for this. Harry Lowe’s absence, or for the matter of that, Ernest Peake’s inability to play, enable the West Bromwich Albion to secure a point from Liverpool seven days ago, and Ralph Holden conclusively demonstrated that he is not a centre half-back whatever his other qualifications may be.

The Reds have failed to win a match on their own ground during September, which is disquieting to their supporters; we hope to see this reproach removed a week hence.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 4, 1913)

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