Heavy defeat at Valley Parade

January 2, 1914
The conditions at Valley Parade, yesterday, were entirely against good football, for the ground was covered with half-frozen snow. Yet the 4,000 spectators had an interesting afternoon, for the home team put on no fewer than 7 goals.

The visitors rarely gave any signs of making the home side fight hard, for they were slow in getting to the ball and passed very badly, whilst the defence was of a most uncertain character. Scott, however, in the Liverpool goal, played very well indeed, and not to blame for any of the goals against him.

The City players did capitally, and three new players in the front line gave an excellent account of themselves. There was a co-operation and aggressiveness about the home side which quite overcame the Liverpool men, and the shooting, considering the slippery state of the ground, was very commendable.

George Handley, who, a few seasons ago, played so well for City at outside left until he sustained an injury to his leg made a welcome re-appearance in the side, having been transferred from Goole Town to his old club a few days previously. He showed a fine control over the ball, beat opponents cleverly, centred well on the whole, and displayed a good turn of speed. Apparently, he has come back to his old form, and should prove of great service to the Paraders.

Linford, centre forward, who had been signed on from Halifax Town, opened the play out nicely, and distinguished himself by getting four goals. Wild, also from Halifax Town, is rather small, but a smart player ay inside right. All the other players have a good account of themselves.

Bradford City pressed practically throughout the game. Goddard and Banks, on Liverpool’s right wing, occasionally forcing a temporary attack. Linford, as has been stated, got four goals, Wild kicked two, and Handley one. All City’s goals, therefore, were scored by their latest acquisitions. During the second half indifferent play by Brown gave Bovill a simple task in scoring for Liverpool.

Result: Bradford City Reserves 7 goals, Liverpool Reserves 1 goal.

Bradford City Reserves: Mark Mellors, Sandy Doolan, Neill, Craig Brown, Sol Tremelling, George Chaplin, Billy Grimshaw, George Wild, Linford, Billy Chesser, George Handley.
Liverpool: Elisha Scott, Sam Speakman, Robert Crawford, Ralph Holden, Ernest Peake, James Scott, Arthur Goddard, William Banks, Robert Macdougall, John Bovill, Leo Moore.
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: January 2, 1914)


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