Liverpool refuse £2,000 offer for Scott

Thursday, January 8 – 1914
Kenneth Campbell, the custodian, and Bob Ferguson, left half, are doubtful starters for Liverpool against Barnsley. Donald Mackinlay will take Ferguson’s place, and the probable custodian is Elisha Scott, brother of William Scott, the Irish International custodian. Newcastle United offered £2,000 for E. Scott, but the offer was refused, though Liverpool got him for a ten pounds note.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 08-01-1914)

Elisha Scott

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  1. I have known that Liverpool FC never paid a penny for Elisha Scott. The card above also states this fact on the back. I have this card as well myself.
    Today 1st Sept 1912 Elisha Scott signed for Liverpool at 10am in their office. Today it is 100 years ago he joined Liverpool FC. Elisha only got to play his 1st game 1st Jan 1913 because of an injury to his wrist. That is when Newcastle offered Liverpool FC to buy him. Still holding the title as Liverpool’s longest serving player is rarely mentioned by LFC. My thought on why Liverpool rarely mention Elisha Scott is because they tried to make Elisha sign a contract in 1934 to sell him to their rivals Everton for £250 !!! Kopites protested on radio shows & the press for Liverpool not to sell their Lish as well known to them and loved. Liverpool had no option to give in to uproar from their Kopites. Elisha gave Liverpool the best years of his life and look how he was repaid ! Shame on you Liverpool FC 😦 YNWA Elisha Scott R.I.P. x

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