Liverpool contractors and Sunderland Football Club

Thursday, January 15 – 1914
The arbitration case in which Messrs. J. Parr, Emmet and Partners, Ltd., contractors, of Liverpool, claim a progress payment from the Sunderland Football Club for work done under contract to erect a football stand at Roker Park, the Sunderland club’s ground, and in which defendants counter-claim to retain £1,900 as payments, for nonfulfillment of contract was resumed at the Sunderland County Court to-day.

The whole of the morning session was taken up with the reading of the correspondence which passed between the architects and the plaintiffs, during the progress of the work. There was about 300 letters and telegrams, and Mr. A.A. Hudson, K.C., who is instructed by Messrs. Snowball, Lewis, and Pruddah, on behalf of the plaintiffs, remarked that the architects had watched the contractors like cat watches a mouse.
The case was adjourned until Tuesday week. The Press are not admitted to the court.
(Liverpool Echo, 15-01-1914)

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