The local derby awaits

Thursday, January 15 – 1914
We must get ahead of ourselves to-day, in view of the Notebook to-morrow being required for the purpose of commenting upon the Cup game at Barnsley. So to-day’s note must bear the reference to the important meeting of the two local clubs, to whom we are thankful for giving us clean football in practically all the meetings of the last ten years. Some cities go to their particular “Derby” days with a knowledge that little things will creep in, and that gory business is likely rather than improbable. Liverpool stands well up in the football annals for clean play, and in the local meetings this good sense has been most pronounced.

What the Liverpool team will be, of course, cannot be said, and after to-day’s tie the men will be leg-weary as compared to Everton’s side. People were rather astonished to find Bill Palmer playing at outside right. This strapping fellow of good limbs came to Everton as an outside left, but latterly with the reserves he has been doing well at outside right, and has made an impression on some folks.

Well, Everton having fallen by the wayside and not being friends with Miss Cup, must make their position safe in the League, and then spend the next three months building up their side for the following season. Palmer played a great game for Everton Reserves in mid-week, when South Liverpool were trashed, but it was not against a strong team, South being out of gear that day. His test on Saturday is a big one, and one of the features of a featureful match will be the display of Palmer, who will be watched keenly.

Between the two goalkeeper, there is not a pin’s point, and if the forwards on both sides play well we should have a gallant exhibition of goalkeeping that would add to the memory’s already well-filled cells. At full back there is a level standard, Ephraim Longworth and Bob Thompson being of one pattern and Jock Maconnachie and Robert Pursell of another. At half-back Liverpool may have a little the better of it, but it is very narrow margin if at all, and forward there is not a wealth f goals among them, even if much of the footwork is pretty. So that the game should be a tough one with defence triumphing. Yet what is the use of prophesying? Each team has been inconsistent this season, and your best plan is to go and see the game for yourself. If you cannot you have still the “Football Echo” left to you.

Previous meetings.
To prevent many answers to correspondents, I give here the list of matches played between Everton and Liverpool. The following results will remind many a reader of many a stiff battle between Red and Blue: –
LFC EFC 1914 janLFC EFC 1914 jan.II
(Liverpool Mercury, 15-01-1914)

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