Anyone seen Nancy?

Friday, January 16 – 1914
Brief is the portion. The club (Liverpool) have booked the West Lancashire Artillery Band, the gates of the ground will be opened at 1.15, an shareholders are asked to be prompt in their places. Tickets will be on sale at the back of the new stand. The kick-off is 2.45. The team is not to be settled till 12.30 to-morrow. Liverpool will be certain of a warm reception from a mighty throng of spectators. May the better team win. May the game be fast and clean. Then we will be content.

Bob Ferguson, the Liverpool half-back, has, like Jen Latons, lost his “rover.” Anyone having found an airedale terrier that answers to the call of “Nancy” is asked to communicate with 162, Stanley Park-avenue. There’s a reward for the return of the dog. By the way, the Anfield men received a wire from charming Miss Nora Delaney, of the Shakespeare Theatre, wishing them luck.
(Liverpool Echo, 16-01-1914)

LFC Everton ad 1914

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