Changes before the West Bromwich match

Friday, January 23 – 1914
Liverpool at West Bromwich will meet the same Albion side that drew at Newcastle, except that the unfortunate Ernest Edwards will be absent. Tommy Newall, from Great Gridge Celtic (one of the Albion’s valuable nurseries) being given his place. Edwards, so, Mr. Everiss, the Albion secretary, tells me, is a cheery young fellow, and had been playing great football. T-morrow, at the Liverpool visit, a collection will be made on the ground for the player. As Jesse Pennington had such a gruelling time in the international trial, Liverpool’s right wing ought to fare well. The signing of Jimmy Nicholl, of Middlesbrough, has been received with delight by Anfielders. Holley has a high opinion of him, and maybe he will be more prominent in football now that he has a partner who will play his game. Windridge’s style did not suit Nicholl, who nevertheless is mentioned in despatches in every criticism of Brough games in the first two months of the season. Robert Macdougall, the young Scottish centre-forward, makes his bow in senior football at centre. Ephraim Longworth is troubled with a cold, and Sam Speakman takes his place. Tom Miller returns to inside left.

LFC WBA Jan 1914
(Liverpool Echo, 23-01-1914)

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