Welcome to Gillingham

January 30, 1914
Gillingham come to Anfield to-morrow with a reputation for having done good scoring works recently. The men of Kent have a Cup history that will probably surprise my readers, “K,” who writes excellent articles each week for the “Football Echo,” will in tomorrow’s issue bring to light the fact that the FA Cup was once held at Gillingham. What is the prospect of the Kentish men going a stage nearer to the final tie tomorrow at Anfield.

We of Liverpool can hardly say. We must go and see the match and form our own opinions. As Everton are out of the Cup our hopes are centred upon Liverpool, and it would be a tremendous blow to football stocks here if Liverpool failed to beat Gillingham. In defence we have no fear, even though that whole-souled player Ephraim Longworth is unable to play. Sam Speaman is a resolute back, and has taken first team matches fairly often this season. He is the type of back that should come off well against Southern League footballers.

There is no blinking the fact that Liverpool folk have fears about the home forward line. They work spasmodically, and in front of goal have shown a hazy idea of direct shooting. Tomorrow the Liverpool forwards must shoot hard and often. Tip-tapping in front of goal is a forerunner of defeat.

That the game will draw a huge crowd to Anfield is certain because the Everton folk are interested in Ernest Pinkney’s reappearance in the city, and Liverpool folk want to see Sam Gilligan again, and Robert Macdougall for the first time at home in senior ranks. Further there is that oaf of comfort from last week: “West Bromwich 0, Liverpool 1,” to draw the spectators to Anfield.

A band has been engaged and altogether we are expecting big things of Liverpool and a hard match. Liverpool can win if the forwards shoot, and if the whole team realises that it would be folly to ease up because a goal or two has been scored by their own side. Gillingham will fight until crushed, and their first five minutes’ “bursts’” must be staved off. I fancy Liverpool’s chance muchly.

Liverpool. – Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Robert Pursell, Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe, Bob Ferguson, Jack Sheldon, William Lacey, Robert Macdougall, Tom Miller, Donald Mackinlay.
Gillingham. – Abert V. Bailey, Andrew Mosley, Thomas Leslie, John Mahon, Abel Lee, Arthur J. Johnson, Ernest Pinkney, Sam Gilligan, Peter Glen, Charles Hafekost, John Henry Tatton.
(Liverpool Echo: January 30, 1914)


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