Robert Terris transferred to Liverpool

February 4, 1914
Robert Terris, of Falkirk, has been transferred to Liverpool F.C. Terris, who play either inside or outside left, stands 5ft. 9in. in height, and weighs 11st. He is 21 years old.
(Nottingham Evening Post: February 6, 1914)

Article II
The old adage which refers to the slip which often occurs in the passage of the cup to the lip has once again been proved to be a morsel of wonderful wisdom.

Aberdeen had assured themselves that they were to be assisted by Robert Terris, of Falkirk, against Albion Rovers, and had actually, chosen their team accordingly. Now comes the announcement that last night Terris was transferred to Liverpool.

What is Falkirk’s and Aberdeen’s loss is Liverpool’s gain, for in this clever player they have secured one of the finest wing players of Scotland.

Terris joined Falkirk from Bowhill Thistle i 1910, and since then he has proved one of their most consistent forwards, having a large share in the success which attended the Stirlingshire club in last season’s Cup competition.

The amount of the transfer fee has not been divulged, but as Falkirk were unwilling part with Terris it is conjectured that it must be substantial.
(Dundee Courier: February 4, 1914)

Robert Terris
Robert Terris

February 21, 1914
The latest to cross the Border from the Falkirk club is the left winger, Robert Terris, who turned out last Saturday for the Liverpool reserve team.

The Falkirk club will be the gainers, I should fancy, over this “deal,” as they secured Terris virtually for nothing when playing as a junior in a little village club (Lumphinnans) in Fifeshire.

The sum the Liverpool F.C. gave the Falkirk club for Terris’ transfer is not allowed by the club management to appear in the newspapers, as they say, rightly or wrongly, that the outside public have no business to know these things.

However, I am not giving anything away when I say that the King’s Park F.C. treasurer would consider himself a very lucky man if his club were to draw as much gate-money (home and away) for a whole football season as the Falkirk F.C. got for Terris’ transfer.

Even the left winger’s share of the “deal” would be more than was drawn at the “record gate” at Forthbank for the season.
(Stirling Observer: February 21, 1914)

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