Manchester architect take his own life

Wednesday, March 11 – 1914
A well-known Manchester architect, Mr. Bernard W.H. Brameld, was was a bachelor fifty-nine years old, was found dead at his lodgings on Wednesday near a gas stove in his bedroom. There was a hole in the pipe leading to the stove, a penknife near by, and gas was escaping. Only on Tuesday night he had ordered two suits from his tailor. The jury at the inquest returned a verdict of “Suicide during insanity.”

Mr. Brameld’s landlady  from Tewkesbury-drive, Sedgley Park, Prestwich, said that when he went to bed on Tuesday night he said, “I dread going to bed. I cannot sleep.” She did not attach much importance to that, as he often complained of loss of sleep. The next morning, on going upstairs with his daily paper, she found him lying on the floor with his overcoat over his head.

Mr. Brameld’s firm were the architects for the new Manchester United football ground at Old Trafford, and he himself had designed many hotels and public-houses in Manchester and neighbourhood. He was a frequent visitor to the Isle of Man, and set up a house at Ramsey some years ago.
(Liverpool Echo, 11-03-1914)

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