Preview: Tottenham v Liverpool (Liverpool Echo)

Friday, April 3 – 1914
Liverpool are having a happy time at Tynemouth, and are reported fit and well. They will doubtless be happy in the knowledge that to-morrow they will have a hearty welcome back to the ‘Spurs ground, the scene of their triumph last Saturday, and, more important, that they will not have to tackle that little trickster Walden, who is playing for England.

An Everton player once told me that he had been asked by an official of his club why he “did not get into Walden – get upsides him, and don’t let run about on his own.” The player’s reply was, “The only time I get near him is when he has come back from scoring a goal.”

Pursell, too, has told me how much he appreciates Walden’s pace and football. Liverpool may easily get a point or two to-morrow. These are the probable teams for the ‘Spurs – Liverpool game: –

Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman; Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe, Bob Ferguson; Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Tom Miller, William Lacey, Jimmy Nicholl.

‘Spurs: John Joyce; Tommy Clay, Fred Webster; Findlay Weir, Bobby Steel, Arthur Grimsdell; Walter Tattersall, Jimmy Banks, Jimmy Cantrell, Bert Bliss, Bert Middlemiss.
(Liverpool Echo, 03-04-1914)

1914 Spurs away pre

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