Heavy fixture list for Liverpool

Tuesday, April 7 – 1914
Liverpool have a busy time in front of them including the Cup final, they have seven games still to play, so that their resources are likely to be taxed to the full.

Three of the games will be played off this weekend, however, so that will relieve the club. On Friday Derby County pay their visit to Anfield, and here a hard game is likely to be witnessed, as the Rams are not likely to take matters easily, and the “Reds” are anxious to rise still higher in the table.

The “Reds” entertain their semi-final victims, Aston Villa, on Saturday, and no doubt a big crowd will turn up to see the game. The Villans are anxious to show that they are by no means done with, and the Reds on the other hand desire to confirm the Tottenham form. It is likely to be a good weekend for the Anfield club’s finances.

Reds’ Easter fixtures
On Monday the Reds go to Bradford, and after that there are three League games to play, but these will be easily fixed up. I notice that the “Reds” were fined for not fixing their date with Manchester United, but the difficulties are great, and the date which Liverpool might suggest would not suit the United, and there you are. But the fine is imposed all the same.

The team to represent the Reds may not be chosen until tomorrow. Miller received a knock on Saturday, but it was nothing serious.

The kick-off on Friday is timed for three o’clock, and on Saturday the kick-off is at 3.30.
(Liverpool Evening Express, 07-04-1914)

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