The magic “L”

Tuesday, April 7 – 1914
T.H.H. contributes the following on Liverpool’s Cup prospects: –
“Now that the time is closely approaching the date of the Cup Final, a few words from an enthusiastic and optimistic supporter many not come amiss.

“I rejoice that Lancashire has the final, and am confident that Liverpool will win the Cup. Now I am not by any means a superstitious person, but I really cannot but point how prominently the letter “L” plays in the part of Liverpool and its connection with the English Cup.

“Barnsley, with one “L,” the Reds scored one goal and won by one goal in the replay. Gillingham, with two L’s, our boys beat by two goals; and their latest exploit Aston Villa with two L’s, were also beaten by two goals; and now we are in for a Lancashire (capital L, Mr Printer) Final.

“Then, again, let us take the Reds’ cup team, and note the prominent part the letter L takes in the names of the players: Nicholl (2), Lacey (1), Miller (2), Metcalf (1), Sheldon (1), Ferguson, Lowe (1), Fairfoull (2), Pursell (2), Longworth (1), Campbell (2).

“The only player without the now magic L is Ferguson, but as he scored a great goal against Gillingham we will forgive him.

“You will notice that in each line formation from goalkeeper to forward line a player stands with two L’s viz., Campbell, Pursell, Fairfoull, and Miller. Surely these are strange facts and incontrovertible, and what more than ever convinces me in favour of the Reds winning the Cup 2-1 is Liverpool with two L’s and Burnley with its single one.
(Liverpool Evening Express, 07-04-1914)

the letter l

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