Cup Final dinner hitch

Wednesday, April 8 – 1914
The tentative arrangements for a dinner to be given to the Liverpool football players, in celebration of their reaching the final of the Cup, have fallen through, and Mr. F.E. Smith much regrets that owing to receiving the following letter from the secretary of the Liverpool team, he finds it necessary to abandon the dinner: –

Liverpool Association Football Club,
Liverpool, April 8 – 1914.
The Right Hon. F.E. Smith, K.C., M.P.

“Dear Mr. Smith. – When you so kindly invited the team and the directors to dine with you in the event of our getting into the final they very gladly accepted the invitation.

“Now that they are actually in the final, and most of them are married, their wives wish to be taken to London to see the game. This makes it very awkward for those who cannot leave their wives immediately after the match is over to keep their engagement with you.

“All of them are eager to keep their engagement, but, for the reason I have given you, some of them will be prevented.

“I feel sure that you would not like to entertain, say, half of them, and I would therefore suggest for your consideration whether it would not be better to postpone the dinner to another occasion.

“Yours faithfully.
(Signed) Tom Watson.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 13-04-1914)

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