Reds at Middlesbrough

Monday, April 20 – 1914
Liverpool were rather badly beaten at Middlesbrough, and it is noteworthy that three goals were scored towards the end of the game. The game was not an attractive one, but Middlesbrough were all out for a victory.

Scott kept a good goal (says Rover), and Pursell was the best defender on the field. Speakman too, did well in intercepting strong drives, especially in the first portion, when the home forwards were in a most aggressive vein, so that little exception could be taken to Liverpool’s last line of defence.

Half-back play was discounted by the knee injury to Lowe, who wisely took no further risks, and, with Fairfoull also in the wars, the brunt of the work of this department fell upon Ferguson, and right well did he accomplish his task.

Liverpool’s right wing pair did not rise to the occasion, for rarely indeed did Macdougall and Metcalf blend, and it was left to Nicholl and Banks to make the running and play Miller with returns.

The latter was well held by Jackson, the home pivot, who with Davidson and Verrill formed a powerful middle line.

In addition to defence, they provided their forwards with many openings, and had their workmanship been equal to their other clever tactics the scoring must have been of a prolific nature.
(Evening Express, 20-04-1914)

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