All for the final

Saturday, April 22 – 1914
Liverpolitans are taking tremendous interest in the final contest for the English Cup at the Crystal Palace on Saturday, in which the titular club of Mersey City will participate for the first time in its history.

Each year a number of special parties to London on the occasion of the English Cup final are organised in Liverpool, but as soon as Liverpool had defeated Aston Villa in the semi-final it became necessary to make a considerable increase in the number of these excursions.

These enthusiasts who began to subscribe to excursion clubs at the beginning of the season are particularly jubilant at the success of the Liverpool Club.

Special trains are being run to London by all the railway companies at the week end, and the advance booking are so heavy that it is practically certain that every train leaving the city for the metropolis will be well filled with supporters of the Reds.

Enormous demand for tickets.
The demand for tickets has been enormous and, beginning early on Friday morning, there will be a steady stream of excursion train for London. But it will be at eleven o’clock at night that the greatest rush will be experienced, when cheap excursions will depart from Lime-street, Central, and Exchange Stations at frequent intervals until after midnight.

In view of the great crush which is anticipated, special arrangements have been made by the provision of relief trains from other stations in order to prevent undue congestion at the central stations.

For the convenience of football enthusiasts living in the suburbs the London and Northwestern Company are running “specials” from Alexandra Dock and Huyton, which will save those who patronise them the trouble and expense of travelling into the centre of the city.

Special parties
A large number of special parties are being run by Messrs. Cook and Sons, who have done splendid business in this direction. One saloon party alone will consist of no fewer than 380 excursionists.

Another feature of the exodus from Liverpool to London will be a service of motor charabancs, similar to that which was adopted on the occasion of the international match at Glasgow. For this service, too, there has been a good demand.
(Evening Express, 22-04-1914)

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