Distinguished Cup Final visitors

Wednesday, April 22 – 1914
The intention of the King to attend the final tie for the Football Association Cup at the Crystal Palace on Saturday has greatly increased public interest in the event, and amongst those who will be present are Lord Kinnaird, the Countess of Carnarvon, the Earl of Derby, the Earl of Portsmouth, Earl Howe, Lord Desborough, Lord Faber, Lord Porchester, the Lord Mayor of London, the Hon. Arthur Stanley, the Hon. F.G. Curzon, Sir Charles and Lady Wakefield, Sir Claude Macdonald, G.C.M.G; Sir David Burnett, Bart.; Sir Harry Hornby, Bart.; Sir George Pragnell, Lieut. Col. Humprehy, the Sheriff of London, the  Mayor and Sheriff of Chester, the Mayor of Burnley, Mr. W. Hayes Fishes, M.P.; Mr. F.E. Smith K.C., M.P.; Col. R.G. Chaloner, M.P.; Mr. Samuel Roberts, M.P.; Mr. G. Cave, K.C., M.P.; Mr. H. Pike Pease, M.P.; Mr. F.W. Goldstone, M.P.; Sir J.H. Voxall, M.P.; Mr. P. Morrell, M.P.; Sir. J.H. Roberts, M.P.; and Mr. H. Hill Wood, M.P.
(Evening Express, 22-04-1914)

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