Invasion of London – Liverpool’s rush to the Palace

Friday, April 24 – 1914
15,000 to travel.
170 special trains from all quarters.
The Liverpool invasion of London for the Cup final commenced today.

Quite a number of enthusiasts left by ordinary trains this morning, while others made the journey by road, travelling in motors, char-a-bancs, or cycling.

It is estimated that about 12,000 to 15,000 Liverpolitans will travel to the metropolis by tomorrow morning, and when the real rush to the south commences this evening, exciting scenes are anticipated at the principal stations.

Large crowds are also expected to follow the Burnley team to the metropolis, while from all parts of the country special trains to the number of 170 are being run in connection with the final tie.

The full strength of the army to invade London is estimated today at 70,000, and no doubt half of this number will be contributed by Lancashire.

Everything appears to be in readiness for the great event at the Palace. Happily both teams are expected to appear at full strength, both Jerry Dawson, of Burnley, and Harry Lowe, the Liverpool captain, having sufficiently recovered from their injuries to enable them to take the field.

The Palace authorities anticipate that, as a result of the attendance of his Majesty, a crowd approaching record dimensions will view the game.
(Evening Express, 24-04-1914)

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