Romance of football – Liverpool F.C.’s rapid rise to fame

Saturday, April 25 – 1914
Liverpool’s rise to fame is one of the romances of football. It has been a hard fight for those who have been associated with the club, but the men who have stood by the club for 21 years and those who have been connected with it since the early days have been well repaid.

The Liverpool club was formed as the result of a split between the Everton officials in 1892. The split resulted in a section breaking away, and the Everton club, which at that time had its headquarters at Anfield, removed to Goodison Park, their present palatial home, while the Liverpool club was formed and played at Anfield.

The Livers’ first season was that of 1892-3, and for years there was great rivalry between Everton and Liverpool – a rivalry that still exists, but now in the true sporting spirit.

They gained admission into the Lancashire League, and carried off the championship, losing only three matches and being superior to Blackpool on goal average. They also played in the preliminary rounds of the Cup.

Entry into the League
This success went far towards getting Liverpool elected to membership of the Second Division of the League, and they astonished the football world by carrying off the championship without losing a match. Their record was – Played 28, won 22, drew 6; goals for 77, against 13. What is more, Liverpool were successful in the Test matches, and so gained a place in the First Division of the League in the third year of their existence.

To be established in one season and to be members of the First Division of the League at the end of the second was a feat to be proud of.

Liverpool’s first season in the First Division was disastrous, for they finished at they finished at the bottom of the table, and being beaten in the Test matches they had to return to the Second Division.

But once again they carried off the Championship, took part in the Test games for the third year in succession, and regained their place in the upper circle.

The Anfielders were the First League champions in the season of 1900-1, but three years later were again in the Second Division. But they once more carried off the championship and signalised their return to the First Division by finishing up at the top of the table.

So that it will be seen Liverpool have had a good share of the championships of the two divisions in their time. They created a record by winning the championship of the two divisions in successive seasons.
(Evening Express, 25-04-1914)

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