The Cup is coming to Anfield

April 29, 1914
The Cup is coming to Anfield! Burnley made an arrangement with Liverpool prior to the Cup final that they would, no matter what happened at the Palace, visit Anfield to play the match against Liverpool for the benefit of the Liverpool charities.

Having won the Cup Burnley, true to their word, are coming to Anfield to-night, and what is more they are bringing their full Cup team.

Boyle and his colleagues motor from Lytham to-day, to which place they had paid a visit. It will be remembered that they trained at Lytham for te final, and naturally they have become very popular there.

Altogether the Burnley men have had a good time. They cross swords once again this evening with their foeman of Saturday, and I am sure we shall see a sporting game.

The Cup will be on view, so that enthusiasts will have the satisfaction of seeing what all the fuss has been about.

The teams will line up as follows: –
Liverpool. – Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoull, Bob Ferguson, Donald Mackinlay; Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalf, Tom Miller, William Lacey, Jimmy Nicholl.

Burnley. –  Ronnie Sewell; Tom Bamford, David Taylor; George Halley, Tommy Boyle, Billy Watson; Billy Nesbitt, Dick Lindley, Bert Freeman, Teddy Hodgson, Eddie Mosscrop.

There is a lot of interest centred in the game, and it is worthy of note that although two sets of medals are to be presented, the winners will receive heavier mementos, so that the players will be keen on gaining the upper hand.

The Police Band will be in attendance, and altogether the affair is likely to be a very pleasant one.
(Liverpool Evening Express: April 29, 1914)

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