Victors and vanquished

April 30, 1914
Liverpool and Burnley 1914
Never before in the history of the FA Cup Finals have the two teams been photographed together in one group. The friendly relations between Liverpool and Burnley F.C.’s led last night to this grouping taking place. The occasion was the Theatrical Gala match, and Liverpool reversed the Cup Final result.
Top row. – Donald Mackinlay, Ephraim Longworth, Kenneth Campbell, Bob Ferguson, Billy Nesbitt, Jerry Dawson, Thomas Fairfoull, and Ronnie Sewell.
Second row. – Mr. J.B. Davies (linesman), Mr. John Asbury (chairman of the “Livers”), Mr. J. Butterfield (referee), Mr. J. Cahill (linesman), Trainer William Connell, Jimmy Nicholl, Bert Freemann, George Halley, Billy Watson, William Lacey, David Taylor, Mr. Haworth, and Burnley director.
At foot. – Mr. Tom  Watson (Liverpool F.C. manager), Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalf, Robert Pursell, Tom Miller, Dick Lindley, Tom Bamford, Tommy Boyle, Teddy Hodgson, Eddie Mosscrop, and Trainer Edwards.
(Liverpool Echo: April 30, 1914)

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