Nine players to leave Liverpool

May 4, 1914
Liverpool failed to rebook Ernest Peake, so the Welsh international has taken himself to Third Lanark. It is curious to find a Welshman making is name with a Lancashire club and then turning to Scotland for employment, though Scotland has boasted a goalkeeper, Halliday, who used to keep for goal for a Welsh club (Colwyn Bay, I think it was), and he went straight from the Welsh hills to play for a leading Scottish club.

Peake has not had the best of fortune in the last two years. He was kept in the background for many seasons through the success of Jim Harrop, and when Harrop left injuries prevented Peake from doing himself justice. He has not been in the first team for many months. Again our good wishes go with the player in his new home.

Liverpool gave Peake a free transfer, and other with a similar gift are: – Arthur Goddard, Jack Parkinson, Hall, Peter Malone, Fred Staniforth, and Robert Riddle. Tom Gracie and John Bovill are not being rebooked, and have a price fixed on their heads.

The following is the list of players re-signed by Liverpool: –
Goalkeepers. – Kenneth Campbell and Elisha Scott.
Backs. – Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, Sam Speakman, Frank Grayer, Robert Crawford.
Half-backs. – Thomas Fairfoull, Bob Ferguson, Harry Lowe, James Scott, Donald Mackinlay, Walter Wadsworth.
Forwards. – Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalf, Tom Miller, William Lacey, James Nicholl, Robert Terriss, Robert Macdougall, William Banks, and James Dawson.

There are twenty one players signed, and the list does not show an excess of forward talent. The club had a disappointment over the transfer of young Pursell, brother of the Liverpool back. They thought they had got their man safe, but the Rangers beat Liverpool.
(Liverpool Echo: May 4, 1914)

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