Football League notable transfers

May 5, 1914
Some of the most notable of the deals in players since the four-figure transfer fee became the fashion, when Middlesbrough paid £1,000 to Sunderland for Alf. Common, now with Preston North End, are: –

George Utley Barnsley to Sheffield United £2,000
Tommy Barber Bolton Wanderers to Aston Villa £2,000
Danny Shea West Ham United to Blackburn Rovers £2,000
Billy Hibbert Bury to Newcastle United £1,850
Jock Simpson Falkirk to Blackburn Rovers £1,800
Harold Halse Aston Villa to Chelsea £1,800
Albert Shepherd Bolton Wanderers to Newcastle United £1,600
Jimmy Cantrell Notts County to Tottenham Hotspur £1,600
George Hunter Oldham Athletic to Chelsea £1,500
Charlie Roberts Manchester United to Oldham Athletic £1,500
George Wilson Everton to Newcastle United £1,500
George Lillycrop Barnsley to Bolton Wanderers £1,500
Bob Glendenning Barnsley to Bolton Wanderers £1,500
Jim Moore Glossop North End to Derby County £1,500
Tom Buchan Leyton to Sunderland £1,400
Jimmy Speirs Bradford City to Leeds City £1,400
Tommy Browell Hull City to Everton £1,200
Frank Bradshaw Northampton to Everton £1,200
George Hunter Aston Villa to Oldham Athletic £1,200
Robert Young Middlesbrough to Everton £1,200
John Walker Swindon to Middlesbrough £1,200
George Reeves Barnsley to Aston Villa £1,200
Fanny Walden Northampton to Tottenham Hotspur £1,200
Bob Whittingham Bradford City to Chelsea £1,200
Harold Halse Manchester United to Aston Villa £1,100
Jimmy Windridge Chelsea to Middlesbrough £1,050
Sam Hardy Liverpool to Aston Villa £1,000
Jimmy Harrop Liverpool to Aston Villa £1,000
Andy Ducat Woolwich Arsenal to Aston Villa £1,000
Joe Hodkinson Glossop to Blackburn Rovers £1,000
Billy Henry Leicester Fosse to Manchester City £1,000
Billy Wareing Preston North End to Everton £1,000
Alf Common Sunderland to Middlesbrough £1,000
Bob Turner Leicester Fosse to Everton £1,000
Jimmy Sharp Fulham to Chelsea £1,000
John Brown Celtic to Chelsea £1,000
Jack Peart Stoke to Newcastle United £1,000
David McLean Preston North End to Sheffield Wednesday £1,000
Stan Fazackerley Hull City to Sheffield United £1,000

(Source: Nottingham Evening Post: May 5, 1914)

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