Djurgården v Liverpool 2-6 (Friendly: May 13, 1914)

May 13, 1914
Match: Friendly, Tour of Scandinavia, Stockholm.
Djurgårdens IF – Liverpool 2-6 (0-3).
Djurgpåden (2-3-5):
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman; Thomas Fairfoull, Bob Ferguson, Walter Wadsworth; Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Tom Miller, William Lacey, Donald Mackinlay.
The goals: 0-1 Banks (10 min.), 0-2 Lacey, 0-3 Lacey, 0-4 Lacey, 0-5 Fairfoull, 1-5 ?, 2-5 ?, 2-6 ?.

Tom Fairfoull, the Liverpool F.C. half-back, writes from Stockholm: –
After our great reception on reaching Stockholm, the boys were anticipating a good time, and up to the present their anticipations have been fully realised. We are staying at the finest hotel (The Strand), and we played our first match on Wednesday night, before a record crowd for the ground, the spectators being, for the most part, of the better class.

“The Crown Prince was an interested spectator until half-time, when he had to leave owing to an engagement at Malmò on Thursday. The playing pitch was much better than that at Gothenburg, there being a fine old yielding turf, and our boys appreciated the change from the hard conditions in Gothenburg.

The game was keenly contested, our boys giving another brilliant exposition, which was greatly admired by the crowd, who never failed to applaud the finer points shown. These people seem to have a thorough knowledge of the game, and are a fine sporting race. The play opened by the ball being kicked straight for our goal – a new way of opening out.

“We were very soon attacking, Sheldon showing the way in some tricky runs down the wing. They were rather too tricky, if anything. After about ten minutes’ play, Banks received from Miller and slipped the ball into the net. A really ‘cute goal and one that showed brains. He gave the goalkeeper no chance of saving. The Swedish players were rather dishearted at this reverse, and for some time could hardly get a kick at the ball, until their centre half wakened them up by a whole-hearted display of good strong tackling.

Then we saw that the Swedes knew how to play, the inside men especially being very smart. By changing their methods they kept our defenders busy. The referee was by no means perfect – but what referee is? His weak point was his offside decisions. Miller had a fine goal disallowed for no apparent reason.

“Shortly after, Lacey scored by a very nice side-tap, the goalkeeper having to stand and watch the ball pass away from him over the line. Billy ran through from the kick-off, and after beating everybody, tried something  by putting side on the ball. Result: Smiles all over the field. He made amends later by again scoring. We were again playing all over the Swedes. Half-time found us leading by three goals to nil. We had a fine reception on returning.

When play was resumed we began pressing right off. After ten minutes’ play the ball came right out to me, and taking a happy-go-lucky shot, I had the satisfaction of scoring my first goal for Liverpool F.C. There was quite a demonstration, and my fellow-players came from their respective positions to shake my hand and offer congratulations. The crowd entered into the humour of the situation be cheering all over the field.

“The game ended in somewhat tame fashion, our boys easing up and allowing the Swedes to score twice. We finished by beating them six goals to two. I hardly think the score gives a fair reflex of the play.

“The Swedish team played good, sound football. Their goalkeeper, although beaten six times, played well. The backs tackled well, but seemed deficient in clearing their lines. The half-backs all played hard, the centre and left half putting in some nice placing. The forwards were fair all over, but no outstanding man amongst them.

“Our boys played well within themselves, and without unduly exerting themselves won comfortably. We had another great reception when coming home, the road being lined for over a mile with spectators, who kept up a continual cheer. It was very flattering to our team, who, needles to say, felt rather proud.”
(Liverpool Echo, 19-05-1914)

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