Gracie could have graced more

May 13, 1914
A special wire from a private source at Glasgow announces that Tom Gracie, the ex-Evertonian and ex-Liverpool forward, has been signed on by Heart of Midlothian F.C. He was an unlucky fellow, was Gracie, and e’en though everybody said “Aye, he’s a footballer right enough,” yet they did not get much chance of saying, “Well done” to Gracie. Nothing went right with him. He was unlucky with shots and with injuries making their appearance just as he was finding his best form. I think the turning point in his career was when he played on hard after being injured. He would have done a wise thing if he had left the field. He will ever be remembered as a most gentlemanly player, and also by the fact that he formed one of the links by which Everton lost Lacey. Liverpool had their chances in that swopping business; they got Lacey and Gracie, and gave Uren and a sum of money, ranging about £200. Well, Lacey was known to be a player, and Gracie might easily have struck a good patch at Anfield. Some time back Gracie was booked by Kilmarnock – at any rate the clubs had agreed on all matters. Gracie would have none of Kilmarnock, and I know he has been most desirous to justify himself before the Liverpool public. At the end of last season, however, Liverpool did not sign him on.
(Liverpool Echo: May 13, 1914)

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