Liverpool secure Pagnam from Blackpool

June 18, 1914
Liverpool F.C. have, on the recommendation of John Cox, their former outside left, made a sensible investment. They have signed F. Pagnam, who was on the Blackpool books at £75. The player appealed to the League, and the sum was refused to £25; and Liverpool think this cheap purchase is going to turn out a profitable deal.

Pagnam is big enough, and surely John Cox knows a player when he sees one, for he os a shrewd business man, and his football experience is enormous. I remember Pagnam playing in a Lancashire Cup semi-final tie at Burnley, and he struck me then as a useful extreme winger. He plays either outside right or outside left, and his build, for a twenty-two-year-old player, is very useful – 5ft. 9in. and 11st. 12lb. He is speedy, and is expected to come on next season. Pagnam previous to joining Blackpool had also appeared in the Huddersfield and Southport teams.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 18, 1914)

Fred Pagnam

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