Belgian footballer ordered to leave the country

Monday, July 6 – 1914
A Clapton Orient football player was sent to gaol for three months and ordered to be deported at North London Police Court yesterday.

The accused was Vemden Eynden (32), a Belgian subject, residing at Chardmore Road, Clapton, and he was charged with behaving in an improper way to a girl of 13 on Millfields on Saturday.

It was stated that the prisoner was most respectable man. He was an architect, and was in this country for the purpose of improving his English.

In Belgium he had been an international footballer, and being in England with small means he had offered his services to the Clapton Orient Club, and had been accepted as a professional player. He had an excellent character in the club, and had been married for 18 months.

Captain Wells Holland, ex-Mayor of Hackney, said he was managing director of Clapton Orient. The accused had been a player for over twelve months, and was a man of very good character.
(Aberdeen Evening Express, 07-06-1914)

** Note the players correct name was: Isaac Van Den Eynden.

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