Football League meeting (July 10, 1914)

July 10, 1914
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at the Grand Hotel, Scarborough, yesterday, Mr. John McKenna (president) in the chair.

The Commission, consisting of Messrs. John McKenna, Arthur Dickinson, and Harris, who inquired into an application by Edward Brown to be removed from Aston Villa’s retain list, was considered. It was decided that Brown’s registration form for Aston Villa be cancelled, and Aston Villa were fined £25 and ordered to pay the costs of the Commission.

The Following applications by players for reduced transfer fees were dealt with: –
Alf Green, Gainsborough, transferred;
A. Liddell, Newcastle United, no action;
James Thomson, Manchester United, referred to the president;
Jack McQuillan, Hull City, £100;
Jimmy Robertson, Leeds City, £100 (by club);
Charles Bell, Arsenal, no action;
S.H. Goddard, Fulham, free transfer;
J. Richardson, Lincoln City, no action;
J. O’Dell, Gainsborough, no action;
H.H. Butterworth, Glossop, no action;
W. Froelich, Stockport County, free;
Alex Birnie, Bury, no action;
T. Griffiths, Birmingham, no action;
Percy Goodison, Burnley, no action;
Jimmy Monaghan, Sheffield Wednesday, no action;
Laurie Burkinshaw, Sheffield Wednesday, no action;
Billy Gerrish, Preston North End, £25 (by club);
William Swarbrick, Preston North End, £50;
J. Heaney, Leeds City, no action;
Hugh Roberts, Leeds City, no action;
George Donkin, Sunderland, free transfer;
James Straughton, Leicester Foos, deferred;
Bill Hastings, Birmingham, £50;
Walter Freeman, Birmingham, no action;
Billy Jones, Birmingham, £30.

Oldham Athletic applied for permission to pay Billy Cope £30 in lieu of a benefit. The application was in nature of an appeal. The club was referred to Rule 19.

Permission was given to Hull City to pay Alf Fenwick, transferred to West Ham, 15 per cent. of the transfer fees; and to Leicester Fosse to pay T. Binfield, transferred to Derby County, a sum agreed on.

On a reconsideration of the case of Louis Bookman, transferred by Bradford City to West Bromwich Albion. Bradford City were allowed to give £171 17s. 6d. Bradford City’s application re George Chaplin was acceded to.

The Secretary reported that Messrs. Bamlett and Page had resigned as referees; Mr. Butterfield had been promoted in Mr. Bamlett’s place, and Mr. Gilroy, Newcastle was appointed a supplementary referee in place of Mr. Butterfield. Mr. Bussey, Norwich, was appointed supplementary referee in place of Mr. Page.

The transfer of the match, Notts County v. Sheffield United, from October 1 to April 2, was approved. Clubs willing to offer their grounds for the Inter-League matches were asked to notify the League Secretary before the next meeting.

The linesmen’s list for the various sections were completed.

Bradford City wrote explaining their action in not notifying the League of particulars of their Continental tour, the omission arising through the absence of the secretary, and the requirements of the League were not set out in the League Rule Book. City were fined two guineas.

Mr. Tom Watson, Liverpool, attended the meeting, and explained fully the reasons for the oversight in not notifying the League of the Continental tour, and the fine was reduced to two guineas.

On the question of continuous service, the committee decided that where a player does not break his connection with a League club by playing for a club outside the League, the continuity of service has not been broken.

The next meeting was fixed for August 7, at Preston.

Messrs. John McKenna and Charles Sutcliffe are to meet the Irish League at Belfast on August 8.
(Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough: July 11, 1914)

Arthur Dickinson, The Football League.


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