A Liverpool director in the Army

Tuesday, August 4 – 1914
When the call comes to the sportsman he is ready to respond. In the last war with the Boers athletes were well to the fore in the deeds of daring, and when the fighting starts the splendid courage, stamina, and skill of the English sportsman will be seen again.

The war is affecting sport already, and though it has so far touched only a portion of cricket players, it will doubtless have a greater effect upon football.

Locally our clubs have no players in the Territorials, but the number of spectators attending our local grounds must be enormous. Let us devoutly hope that before August ends the war will be decided. Prior to taking the “Hurricane,” which was the cause of a record slow journey from Lancaster, on Saturday evening.

I noticed a Liverpool F.C. director, in the uniform of the Liverpool Scottish, parading. This gentleman, Mr. Keating, is a colour sergeant, and if war goes on any length of time he will have to miss beloved football.

The Everton and Liverpool players responded to their call to arms to-day and will start training to-morrow. Everton have fixed August 22 (Saturday) and 26 for their public trials, and Liverpool meet to-morrow to settle their dates.
(Liverpool Echo, 04-08-1914)

Drama reconstruction of WW1 Christmas Truce

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