Crawford got stuck with the ball between his knees

August 28, 1914
Last night the spectators at Anfield had full value for their money, as the play of both sides was earnest, skillful, and interesting. Not until eleven minutes from full time was there a goal, and then Arthur Metcalf scored. Immediately after this Moore, who played well throughout against Thomas Fairfoull and Ephraim Longworth, centred so well that William Banks equalised.

The goalkeeping of Elisha Scott for the reserve side was magnificent. He had before him Robert Crawford and Bartlett, and his work was heavy, although Crawford played good football.

Probably the most interesting piece of football occurred when Jimmy Nicholl shot hard and true, Scott saving but falling, and Wilfred Bartrop meeting the rebound and shooting. The ball caught Crawford between his knees, and stuck there for an appreciable time!

Fred Pagnam brought Robert Pursell into play again and again, and the ex-Blackpool player on that showing should be a useful member. On the League side was the Harrowby goalkeeper, G. Sutcliffe, who, after settling down, made saves that show he knows his business well. Fairfoull left the field through an injury before the goals were scored. He and his co-half backs were strong.
(Liverpool Echo: August 28, 1914; via
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