Everton always win at Anfield

September 30, 1914
The following Everton team has been selected to oppose Liverpool, at Anfield, on Saturday: Tommy Fern, Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie, Tom Fleetwood, Jimmy Galt, Harry Makepeace, Sam Chedgzoy, Frank Jefferies, Bobby Parker, Joe Clennell, Bill Palmer.

“No change” is the order so far as the first team is concerned, and as a policy it was one to be commended. It is to be hoped that some of the players thus favoured will improve the form they showed in last week’s game, otherwise Everton will not keep up their remarkable record of successes at Anfield.

Not since 1899 (January 21 was the day) has the Everton side been beaten at Anfield. The promise of a good keen game is big, and the match as already aroused much interest. En passant it should be mentioned that the telegram received from London regarding William Stevenson was not correct, and its inference that Stevenson had had his transfer fee reduced was an incorrect one.
What happened was this: Everton simply asked permission to remove Stevenson’s name from their list, and to put him on the transfer list at £300.

Talking of Everton defenders reminds me that Charles McFadyen, ex-Preston, is mending well now, and is likely to be “doing some” shortly. Lance Johnstone, like McFadyen, had the misfortune to break his leg last season, and he, too, is, one is glad to hear, improving nicely.
(Liverpool Echo: September 30, 1914; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk)
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