Phil Bratley or Donald Mackinlay against Everton

Thursday, October 1 – 1914
Liverpool Football Club directors have been in the habit of increasing the prices of admission to certain parts of their ground when big Cup-ties or the “Derby” games have been played, and there can be no doubt, as I (Bee) said when the matter aroused complaint last season, that some parts of the ground at Anfield are ridiculously low-priced.

In view of the present state of affairs the club have looked kindly towards their patrons, and have decided that this time there shall be no extra charge to any portion of the enclosure.

Further good news is at hand; Longworth is certain to play against Everton. This is indeed, refreshing news, for, despite, Speakman’s good work as deputy, Longworth’s absence has been felt just as much as his personality has been missed.

One peculiar feature if the match will be the decision of directors regarding their centre and centre half-back positions – two vital “down-the-middle” places that will need careful discussion.

Banks and Macdougall have not fared well as leaders of the attack, whereas Gracie (now in Scotland) is getting on famously at centre.

Of course, I am inclining to the belief that Miller will not be quite ready for services. The centre problem is troubling the Anfield folk, and it is a pity Macdougall has not shone this season, for he has the weight and can shoot.

At centre half-back Lowe’s absence makes room for someone – who?

Bratley, ex-Barnsley, played well enough at Barnsley against Liverpool, and was signed on on that account. However, in the final-tie no half played better than Mackinlay, who is always unlucky enough to be held “on reserve.”

What Liverpool have to decide is – Bratley or Mackinlay? Mackinlay of course would play on the wing, and Ferguson would move to centre half-back.
(Liverpool Echo, 01-10-1914)

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