Players wage proposal from the Football League

Thursday, October 1 – 1914
This morning I (Bee) have official news of the English League’s suggestion to clubs regarding players’ wages.

The League meet again on Wednesday morning at Birmingham, and after their discussion they will proceed to the English v Irish League match.

The League propose that players’ wages be reduced in this manner: –
* Players of £5 wage, 15 per cent.
* Players of £4 10/- wage, 12 ½ per cent.
* Players of £4 wage, 10 per cent.
* Between £3 and £4 wage, 7 ½ per cent.
* Between £2 and £3 wage, 5 per cent.

The amounts would be formed into a fund to assist clubs to pay wages. Further the League suggest that clubs pay visiting teams immediately after a match ten per cent. of their gate receipts.
(Liverpool Echo, 01-10-1914)

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