Can Liverpool break down barrier?

Friday, October 2 – 1914
Way back in ’99 Liverpool F.C. beat Everton at Anfield by 2-1. Since then Liverpool have languished in their “Derby” games at the Anfield ground, and begin to fear that there is some malign influence that will not let them score over their great rivals.

Only twice have the Reds at home triumphed over the Blues, and to-morrow the unchanged Everton side has the chance of running up their sixth win in succession.

The regularity with which Everton march on their opponents’ field and take points is simply extraordinary, and is only partially balanced by the fact that Liverpool have won five times in the last seven years at Goodison Park.

What are the prospects of to-morrow’s game?

I (Bee) am handicapped at this point, for the home team has not been decided. It is a long time since each side was at full strength for their meetings, and it is a pity that Lowe and others should be absent from to-morrow’s game. However, I think the teams are so matched that a keen clean, and fast game should result.

Everton have some frailties that may be overcome by the men who get a further chance laying hold on the knob of “Opportunity.”

Liverpool have not played with success for a fortnight, yet those who were at Blackburn know full well that after being three goals down and having inside forwards who were out of gear they came near drawing with the Rovers.

Last Saturday’s defeat may be cast aside in the memory, for Albion are always hard to beat at home, and, besides, Lowe was off the field for forty five minutes or thereabouts.

Liverpool will have to improve in the forward and back ranks if they are to break down the Everton barrier, and Everton will have to show better marksmanship if they are to continue their winning list.
(Liverpool Echo, 02-10-1914)

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