Program pickles

Saturday, October 3 – 1914
* Liverpool have not defeated Everton on the Anfield ground since January 21 – 1899. Today’s match is the thirty-seventh meeting of the rivals under League auspices.
* Ephraim Longworth’s absence from the Liverpool rear ranks has made a great difference to the reliability of the club’s defence.
* Sam Hardy has lost none of his skill; he is still one of the finest goalkeepers in the United Kingdom.
* Liverpool have had more goals scored against them than any other team in the League; this is a questionable distinction.
* Football clubs are feeling the pinch of war in the diminished gate receipts. It may be that they will be called upon to alter their players’ wages.
* Harry Lowe broke down again the match at West Bromwich; the most disappointed man present was the skipper himself.
* Liverpool’s defence has been pierced eight times within a week, and yet no reflection has been cast on Kenneth Campbell’s prowess.
* Neither Everton nor Liverpool Reserves seems likely to be concerned with the Central League Championship this winter.
* Robert Macdougall did not impress the critics by his display at centre forward in the match at West Bromwich. He has got off the mark badly this season.
* Harry Lowe was a certain non-starter for today’s game with Everton, whilst Tom Miller and Ephraim Longworth were also uncertain to play.
* H.G. Bache, the West Bromwich amateur, was in brilliant form against Liverpool. He played football with his head as well as with his feet.
(Joint EFC and LFC Match Programme, 03-10-1914)

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