Liverpool sign big scoring centre

November 12, 1914
Nowadays football clubs are “reduced” to excessive care for the junior football player, fancy prices being out of the question.

Never before have signings being so few.

Liverpool have taken their chance and won in a race with Bury and Blackpool, among other clubs, for they have signed Wilfred Watson, who has done some big things in the goal-getting line.

He is a centre forward and his signature is obtained through the Atherton club’s permission.

Watson’s first year in senior football has been a success and he has scored ten goals in eighteen matches, and this fact, following on his score of a hundred goals in the two seasons he played in the Sunday School League at Wigan, proves that he is not afraid to shoot.

He is twenty years of age, 5ft. 8 ½in., and 11st., and that he is a speedy merchant is proved by his successes on the track. Liverpool does not expect a ready-made Gilbert Oswald Smith, of course, but Watson of Liverpool, is expected by manager Watson eventually to do the club much good.
(Liverpool Echo: November 12, 1914)