Elisha Scott to replace Campbell

Wednesday, December 2 – 1914
It would be just Liverpool’s pattern of inconsistency if they were to deliver a blow at Manchester City’s ground on Saturday. The club is the despair of the coupon-monger; in fact Liverpool’s game has been such in past years that folk won’t “bite” at the Liverpool line on the coupon.

Fulham, Birmingham, and Notts County are somewhat similarly boycotted, Fulham being in and out performers, Birmingham unreliable at home, and Notts always awkward because they don’t let the better-class teams get going.

Liverpool’s selectors have made drastic changes for Saturday’s game at Hyde-road, and after the way the defence shaped in the early part of the game with Villa these changes were expected. Kenneth Campbell retires in favour of Elisha Scott, who, it may be remembered, played so well in his debut at Newcastle that the United were keen on getting his services – a big price was refused. Pursell returns to full back, and the other portions of the team are as before.

Team: – Elisha Scott; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe, Donald Mackinlay; Jack Sheldon, William Lacey, Fred Pagnam, and Jimmy Nicholl.
(Liverpool Echo, 02-12-1914)

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