Soldiers at Anfield

Tuesday, December 29 – 1914
Have you sent in your card yet? If not, do, please, at once. Remember Lord Derby has gone to much trouble for the sake of football spectators.

I learn that cards are coming in steadily, but that the response so far has not been good. On Saturday Liverpool F.C. had another excellent attendance, 27,015 people being present, 1,453 being soldiers and 3,044 boys.

By the way, some football clubs have so big a percentage of soldiers present that their receipt are 80% lower than in former seasons.

We do not hear of theatres, picturedromes, and other entertainments opening their doors free to soldiers. Mayhap football clubs will have to ask these sporty soldiers to assist them in the late months of the season by paying half-price for admission.

I am sure the soldiers would not mind, for they know the football case as it stands now better than any of the critics of the game. If a club tumbles early on the Cup tournament they would be justified in asking that soldiers should forsake the free list.
(Liverpool Echo, 29-12-1914)

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