Players ready to join the Army if called upon

Friday, January 22 – 1915
Lord Derby’s postcard recruiting census of players and spectators at the Christmas Day and Boxing Day matches at Liverpool and Everton resulted in the following players promising to join the Army when called upon: –
Everton – Lewis P. Weller, James H. Galt, Tom Houston, T.A. Nuttall, H. Makepeace, Lancelot Johnston, Bobby Parker, James Roy, Sam Chedgzoy, Frank Mitchell, and Thomas Fern.
Liverpool – Elisha Scott, W. Lacey, G. Patterson, F. Pagnam, F. Grayer, J. Dawson, W. Wadsworth, R. Macdougall, and A. Metcalf.
(Source: Evening Telegraph: January 22, 1915)