Alterations for the “Derby” game

February 3, 1915
The teams for the local “Derby” are:
Everton (v. Liverpool), at Goodison Park, on Saturday; kick-off 3.30 p.m.: Tommy Fern, Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie, Tom Fleetwood, Jimmy Galt, Harry Makepeace, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, Bobby Parker, Joe Clennell, Bill Palmer.

Liverpool: Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, William Lacey, Harry Lowe, Donald Mackinlay, Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, Tom Miller, Jimmy Nicholl.

Everton Reserves (v. Barnsley Reserves), at Barnsley, on Saturday: Frank Mitchell, Bob Simpson, Lewis Weller, William Brown, Billy Wareing, Allan Grenyer, John Houston, Tommy Nuttall, William Wright, Howard Howarth, Jim Roberts.

Everton have decided once again to make no change where one was expected. Their team is reinforced by Galt and Maconnachie, and therefore is virtually at full strength. The men went to Southport today for an airing, and are reported fit and well.

Liverpool have decided on once change. Arthur Metcalf being omitted and Banks being included. The position of the Anfield men calls for a strong effort from this week onward until such time as their League position is safe. Last season the Cup bothered the Anfield club’s attentions to League matters, but now they have one object, and they should set about it manfully and earnestly. It is of no avail hoping that there will be no relegation and promotion this season. It is a weak read to base one’s hopes upon, and, to be perfectly candid, I think it is a device of someone whose wish was father to the thought, that someone, of course, being concerned about a club with which he is connected.

There is nothing wrong with the Liverpool defence, and the half-backs are taking their share of the work with success. There is need for a big improvement among the forwards, and swift and accurate snapping of reasonable chances will bring the attack to a good standard. They have weight, if not height, and each man is capable of delivering a strong shot – that is why the lack of success bothers the Anfield followers. If they were known to be poor shots their hesitancy would be understood.
(Liverpool Echo: February 3, 1915)


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